Our Mission

Our mission at NuBridge is to be your business partner and lending solution by offering premier commercial loan product and program options, competitive rates, and excellent customer service. NuBridge is committed to building meaningful relationships and making our customers our top priority by providing quality service through streamlined processes and the use of industry-leading technology.


Why Choose Us?

Here at NuBridge, we love our brokers which is why we do not restrict your fees. We care about your clients which is why we keep our fees low. We value your time which is why we respond quickly to loan scenarios.


Low expense deposit 


No restriction on broker fees


Dynamic pricing

Give us a call at 800-833-4714 or email us at info@nubridge.com
and let’s discuss your loan scenario today!

Frequently Asked Questions

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What Are the Programs That You Offer?

NuBridge currently offers 2 Bridge Loan Programs, our standard Core Bridge Program allows up to 75% LTV financing and our Streamline Bridge Program is a limited document program that allows up to 60% LTV – learn more about our programs, here.


What Loan Amounts Do You Offer?

We offer loan amounts ranging from $1 million to $10 million. 


What Are Your Terms?

We offer a 24-month term.


What Property Types Do You Lend on?

We lend on a broad range of property types, including: Multifamily (5+ units), Mixed-Use, Light Industrial, Office, Warehouse, Self-Storage, Mobile Home Parks, and Retail.


Where Do You Lend?

We lend nationwide except North Dakota and South Dakota.


How Do I Gain Access to Broker Portal?

You can register to become a NuBridge approved broker, here. Once your application has been approved, your Sales Rep will provide you with access. With the Broker Portal, you can price a new loan scenario, issue your own LOI, view your active and previous loans, and gain direct access to exclusive features.


How Do I Determine Pricing for a Loan?

You can instantly price your loans using our Loan Qualifier tool, here. With Loan Qualifier, you can easily determine pricing options for your client based on the parameters of your loan scenario and receive or save a copy of your estimate.


What Do I Need to Submit for LOI Consideration?

For LOI consideration, you will need to complete and submit a loan submission form, rent roll, operating statement, and if your loan is a purchase transaction, an executed purchase contract is required. You can find any necessary forms to complete, here.


Do You Have a Rep in My Area?

You can find a directory of our sales representatives in your area, here. Once you’ve selected the sales rep that services your area, you can submit your loan scenario today using our submission form on the homepage, and your NuBridge Sales Rep will reply to you the same day.